• Discussion forums organized by the "Thirst for Life" are continued

    During the whole summer in the office of the "Thirst for Life" was held forums on health rights and access to quality health care

  • Become a volunteer

    In the beginning we had 10 volunteers, after several months, we have 15, and we are now over 30. The training team and motivate our cause to move forward! Because what we are - different, equal and informed! "


Develop club with over 30 volunteers aged 14 to 20 years. All of them have undergone several trainings on various topics

Доброволчески дейности

Youth Info Center

Various youth volunteering and training for people aged between 15 and 29 years from different ethnic and social groups



Fieldwork among young people at risk, conducting media campaigns, seminars and meetings at local and regional level.



Empowering young Roma with risk behavior for equal access to health and health care

studenti po medicina

Selected moments


Have you test yourself for HIV / AIDS?


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